Taking The Proverbial First Step

I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without having a WordPress account. I’m not social in the slightest, but this oversight is kind of ridiculous. I’m not sure what I should put for this introductory post (quite the stirring first impression, I know), but at least it’ll be something to look back on.

I chose the name ”polymathically” because ”polymathic” was already taken by another account. It still serves its function, though. The word polymath refers to one whose expertise spans several and varied subjects. It’s often associated with great thinkers like Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Benjamin Franklin, etc. I’m not arrogant enough to believe I’ve attained such lofty heights. However, the basic idea behind Renaissance humanism has always struck a chord with me; What is an individual capable of, and how far can they develop it? While Castiglione’s The Book of the Courtier described the ideal courtier having polymathic traits, it focused more on the concept of sprezzatura and its effect with a social context. That book is one of the reasons why the phrase “Renaissance Man” and polymathy are associated, despite being slightly different…

…I’m going on a tangent. You want to learn more about that stuff? Take a course in Renaissance Lit.

In any case, I’ve always found the concept fascinating and have striven to apply it to my own life. My curiosity and love for exploration know no bounds. If I see something interesting, I learn everything I can about it. How it’s made, how and if it works, its impact on the world, its usefulness…everything. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. For some reason, there’s this pervasive belief that a person can be interested in subjects based only his or her personality, aptitude, or potential employment. The implications aren’t pretty. So what if you’re a right or left-brained type? Don’t limit yourself to categories or others’ expectations. You have to figure it out the old-fashioned way. Try something new, even if you fail miserably at first. Read a book, learn a language or instrument, climb mountains, travel somewhere, ask questions, something, anything to push your limits even just a tiny bit more. You’ll probably surprise yourself.

…Just don’t do anything illegal. Use common sense. Okay?

As for this blog, I’ll focus more on daily writing and some of my more prominent interests. My passion for literature and video gaming is decidedly unbridled; expect lots of talk and reviews on books and games. I’m constantly looking up stuff on psychology, philosophy, history, critical theory, geology, cartography, physics, astronomy, cosmology, mythology, archaeology, biology, or whatever subject I happen to be thinking about at the time. I travel to at least one new country a year, so expect lots of photos and rants about local cuisine. I also try to spend some of my free time wandering San Francisco in hopes of finding an interesting place. I’m obviously a huge geek, so expect lots of stuff on movies, music, cartoons, anime, LEGOs, toys, brain teasers, jigsaw puzzles…you probably get what I mean. My hope is that I post something that you find interesting, and get you to start learning more about the world around you.

Or this could sit for months without getting a single hit. Whichever comes first.


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