Freshly Pressed Gratitude

Hey, folks. It’s been a cold but wonderful Friday. This morning, I was shocked to discover that my narrative about San Francisco’s Market Street was chosen for the Freshly Pressed page:

There it is, third on the top row. I never expected my post to make it that far, let alone for it to be noticed by so many people! I’m still quite new at this whole blogging thing – I only started posting here a little over a month ago – so I’m immensely grateful that people are reading and enjoying my work. I don’t think it can be fully articulated in words. You guys give me a reason to believe that what I’m doing has meaning, that I’m not just blindly wandering the abyss that is the Internet. As long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing. I stand by what I wrote in my profile. The world is full of incredible, awe-inspiring things; most just goes unnoticed. I’ll share what I find, and maybe we’ll all learn something along the way. I never lost my sense of wonder.

I hope you haven’t, either.

PS. By the way, I actually did run into the Buddhist monk again just a few days ago. Twice in one afternoon, in fact! I had left the prayer beads at home – I was running late for the train that morning – but he recognized me the second time. Probably because I was wearing a huge scarf and my hair was going all Medusa-style in the wind. The language barrier was still a problem, but I made sure to give him the proper greeting. Palms clasped, head tilted forward. No camera, indeed. He just returned my smile and nodded, and we parted ways. Good to know the old-fashioned ways still work. I’ll probably run into him again next week. As for you, see you tomorrow…Or later today. Whichever comes first.


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