Zero To Hero Day 1: Introduction

Hey, folks. Got a question: How curious are you? No, seriously. Think about it. How often do you take a proverbial step back and just wonder about the world around you? It’s so easy to get distracted. To never explore and merely take things for granted. To let the awesome, crazy, beautiful, mysterious aspects of our lives fly completely under the radar. Even when you do notice, understanding and learning from it is tricky. Pushing yourself like that is hard; it’s the kind of effort that can build or shatter your identity. Maybe both.

But it is worth it.

I titled my blog “polymathically” as a reflection of that effort. A polymath is one whose expertise spans several and varied subjects. It’s commonly associated with individuals like Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Benjamin Franklin, etc. I’m not arrogant enough to think I’ve attained such lofty heights. But I do share one trait with them: curiosity. You want to learn something? You ask about it. It’s one of the driving forces behind everything I do. The basic concept of Renaissance humanism has always struck a chord with me. What is an individual truly capable of, and how far can they develop it? It’s something that I’ve striven to apply to everyday life. For some reason, there’s a pervasive belief that a person can be interested in subjects based solely on his or her personality, gender, aptitude, or employment. It’s not only silly, but inherently limiting as well. You choose your interests, no one else. Live with purpose. Try something new, anything that will expand your horizons just even just a little bit. You might surprise yourself.

…Just don’t do anything illegal. Use common sense. Okay?

This blog is an outlet for my curiosity. Aside from a journal and Daily Prompt entries, I’ll post about anything that happens to catch my interest. I have a fiery, unbridled passion for literature, movies, anime, pop culture, and video gaming, so expect references, analyses, and reviews of them. I’ve got a soft spot for great music, particularly video game soundtracks. I’m also a huge history and humanities geek, so you might come across posts about modern mythology or the importance of a holiday. Or links to something scientific, like the mass of trees or rare precious metals. I also fancy myself a bit of a world traveler (12 countries and counting) and take tons of awesome photos to capture it all. But deep down, I’m a storyteller; there will be plenty of real-life narratives (including a Freshly Pressed one) to read as well. Or if you’re like me and struggle with introversion, you’ll have another perspective to read. Regardless of what you enjoy about this blog, the point is that you learn something new.

I never lost my sense of wonder. I hope you haven’t, either.

8 thoughts on “Zero To Hero Day 1: Introduction

  1. Love your photo at the top of the chessmen!
    I noticed your link on the zero to hero page (I’m doing the challenge too) and I thought your name ‘polymathically’ sounded interesting (I took a math major in college). I totally forgot about the word polymath until I saw this post and had to laugh.
    I’m one too (and not like any of the ones you mention). I hope you find many more of them to enjoy your blog!

  2. Isn’t curiosity (together with ambition and determination) one of the main things that drive the world forward? It is rare to find in a person nowadays (when everything is put in a silver platter in front of one’s nose), but the ones that have it are the ones to potentially (and poetically) change the world.

  3. This really resonates with me. I feel too often that we are told to find something we’re interested in and specialize in that one thing until we become the best. I realize that there is a difference between being a polymath and a dilettante, but life’s short, our interests and knowledge should span as many areas as possible.

  4. nice post 😉 good luck with you posting. I hope that you all had a great start of the year. I had recently started a fashion and lifestyle blog together with 2 friends, please check us out if you have time 😉 we are also trying to follow the zero to zero tips

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