Zero To Hero Day 4: Explore the Neighborhood

Hey, folks. Today’s Zero To Hero assignment is all about the WordPress neighborhood. The task is simple: Follow five new topics in the Reader and find some new blogs to follow. At least, it seemed simple. As you can probably tell, I’m really into learning. So when someone shows me a whole new way to search for blogs and articles, I dive in headfirst. I’m pretty sure I’ve been perusing WordPress for at least three hours. There might be drool accumulating on my lower lip. The assignment called for only five topics, but I’m up to 25: Anime, Astronomy, Book Review, Books, Culture, Depression, Education, Fiction, Films, History, Introversion, Languages, Literature, Movies, Mythology, Philosophy, Photography, Physics, Psychology, San Francisco, Science, Travel, Video Games, Writing, and ZeroToHero.

…I should probably step away from the laptop.

Anyway, I’m still sifting through everything. I’ve already found a few intriguing ones, such as Physics4Me, Lijie Zhou Photography, For Lack of Paper, and JAR Blog. I’m sure there are tons more out there (still looking for a good psych one), so I’ll probably be at this for the rest of the evening…after I’ve eaten something.

What awesome blogs have you found today?


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