Toonami – Broken Promise [Dreams]

A classic taste of anime nostalgia, and a timeless message. Just what old school Toonami did best.

14 thoughts on “Toonami – Broken Promise [Dreams]

    • I love Cowboy Bebop! Everything about that show – the characters, setting, animation – was so ridiculously good. It’s been 15 years, and I still rock out to its soundtrack. I’m pretty sure I have a model of Spike’s Swordfish somewhere around here…

      • I love the jazz tracks so much, and also the song “Gravity” from Wolfs Rain. Even more, I’ve had Melfina’s song memorized since I was a kid! (And yeah, I love how existential CB is. Now I really want to watch it again.) Also, I want to collect all of the characters from OS and CB, the only one I have is Vincent from FF7. 😦

      • Whoa, you just reminded me that I’ve got Melfina’s Song in Japanese on my playlist. I can’t believe I forgot that! I’m really tempted to marathon the series sometime. And yeah, FF7 Vincent is one of the coolest looking figures out there. I’ve got CB’s Vicious, and it’s one of the highlights of my collection.

      • Nice! I’ve been meaning to binge-watch Outlaw too, but probably won’t have the time for a while. I had the sealed Advent Children Box set at home (and a separate copy of the movie to watch), but on my last visit I found out that my younger brother had opened it and lost both of my disks. I was so pissed at him. FF7 is my favorite of the franchise, though 13 does come close to the second.

      • Ugh, losing a movie always sucks. My copy of Advent Children is packed away in storage somewhere. Oddly enough, FF is one of the few major game series I’ve never played. I’ve played the Tactics games, but none of the numerical ones.

      • What?! (Excuse the shock.) You really should play a few when you get the chance, the best to me are 6, 7, and 13. 8, 9, and 10 are also really popular. (The one with Zidane is adorable.) Granted, I’m not a hardcore gamer myself, but as a writer, I appreciate the beautiful storyboard behind these games.

      • See if you can get 6 (luckily I found mine in my parent’s basement). It’s hard to find nowadays, but if you do, keep it cuz it runs for almost a 100 in certain circles. I want to get a gameboy micro so I can play it again. And well, glad I gave you a new resolution!

      • $100? o_O Man, I’m glad I’m not a super-obsessive game collector anymore. I’m pretty sure I can find FF4-9 on PSN, and I know I’ve got FFX packed away in storage downstairs. Time to go a little retro~

      • Yeah, I wouldn’t pay that much for a game, especially not with my current budget. Have fun going retro though, sometimes it’s so much fun! (Except for disco, that’s just scary.)

      • Hey, now. Disco is a fine music genre that was just overshadowed by much better stuff. As in, everything else. I still listen Saturday Night Fever…uh, whenever my playlist is on shuffle. It still counts!

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