Close, But No Cigar

Close, But No Cigar

In a desperate attempt to try something new, I decided to check out Oktoberfest By The Bay last year. I figured out exactly where it was, how long it’d take to get there, etc. I don’t drink or party, but I thought experiencing something new would be great regardless. So I strode confidently into Pier 48…

Only to find out I got there five hours too early.

I didn’t stay. My commute home was ridiculously long already, so being out that late wasn’t an option. Instead, I took what pictures I could of the would-be event, then spent most of the afternoon enjoying the scenery nearby. I got a much better understanding of the layout of the area, and discovered a few new places to visit. I can’t say I was ecstatic, but at least it gave me the chance to explore more. Had I been able to stay out longer, I probably would’ve stayed an hour or so to take in the atmosphere and get some great photos. Maybe next year.

3 thoughts on “Close, But No Cigar

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