Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top, Or: The Rock of Gibraltar

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top, Or: The Rock of Gibraltar

Another week, another challenge. I’ve climbed quite a few mountains over the years, but there was something special about the time I spent on top of Gibraltar. It’s all about scale; the bustling tourist town seems huge at first, but you realize how small it is from up above. You’re just high enough to see the curvature of the planet. Gibraltar is one of those rare places that make you acutely aware of your exact position on the Earth. It’s at the southernmost tip of Europe, and you can just make out Africa across the water on a clear day. It may not have been the highest peak I’ve ever seen, but it was one of the most memorable.


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top, Or: The Rock of Gibraltar

  1. ¿ Te gusta esta parte de España ? . No es la montaña más bonita, pero si, las de vistas fantásticas . Lástima que la estén estropeando con tanto vertido de piedras y cemento, eliminando el ecosistema, para atracar los barcos e ir ampliando el terreno que no es suyo.

    • El español no es mi lengua materna, lo siento si mi gramática no es correcta. Gibraltar acaba emparejado con el tema Photo Challenge para esta semana, eso es todo. Vistas increíbles, pero lleno de viajeros. Incluido yo mismo! La cosa más impresionante que vi mientras que en España fue el campo, entre Málaga y Sevilla. Tenía tanta belleza natural, y me recordó a mi patria aquí en California. Yo estaba sin aliento la primera vez que lo vi!

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      • 🙂 Is that the Golden Gate bridge on your avatar? It looks rather like what I remember of it oh so long ago. It was a miracle they were able to build it with the really, really strong current that goes through that opening into the ocean. If I remember correctly, they only lost one diver—they had those huge metal diving helmets. They could have lost more.

        Thank you for stopping by yourself! and have a great day and Easter Sunday. 🙂

      • Yes, it is! I live in the Bay Area, so visiting the city is always an option. I’ve had the privilege of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on foot. Most people just drive out to the touristy spots, but it’s much cheaper and easier when you know what subways and buses to take. And yeah, it’s definitely an engineering marvel; the currents, the winds, the fog, the sheer *length* needed…most people thought it would be impossible to build. Definitely a wonder of the modern world.

        Have a good rest of the weekend!

      • Thank you. Ditto for your weekend. I definitely agree with your assessment as a wonder of the modern world. Has Golden Gate Park changed over the years? It’s been decades since I visited there. I checked it out in Google Maps but it’s not quite the same. LOL

      • Oh, I haven’t gotten out that far in quite a while myself. I spent some time last year seeing how far I could go on foot from the Ferry Building in a single afternoon, and I think I turned back at Japantown. The park is still plenty green, judging by the YouTube videos. Probably more people and traffic these days. I went to the California Academy of Sciences a few years back, though. Its rooftop is designed to blend in with the natural surroundings; it’s a hilly canopy covered with dirt, grass and plants. Seriously, it’s built directly into infrastructure and helps cool the indoor temperatures. If it weren’t for the windows poking out the ground, it’d be easy to mistake it for the real deal. I need to go back there…

      • OH, okay, thanks for the update. I live so far away it’s not likely that I’ll be able to get back there any time soon. I wonder if google earth has mapped it out. That might be worth a try. Have a great day! 🙂

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