Ross Alley, San Francisco

Ross Alley, San Francisco

While the huge festival crowds were clogging up Grant Ave, I took a shortcut through Ross Alley. It’s the oldest alley in San Francisco, and is the location of the famous Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company.


Maiden Lane, San Francisco

Maiden Lane, San Francisco

While the crowds are bustling up and down Market Street, Maiden Lane is nice and quiet shortcut to Union Square.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall Of Wisterias

Wall Of Wisterias

This week’s challenge is all about walls, and I immediately thought of an alley nearby. My neighborhood is pretty terrible most of the time. But for a brief moment in early spring, a massive, gorgeous wall of wisterias blooms. I guess it’s nature’s lesson about finding beauty in the unlikeliest of places…

Wentworth Place, San Francisco

Wentworth Place

Whenever I’m in Chinatown, I usually stop by Wentworth Place. It’s nice, secluded from tourists, and has places to sit. The fact that it also hides one of the best Gundam model stores in the Bay Area might also have something to do with it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall, Or: The Wentworth Dragon

The Wentworth Dragon

This week’s photo challenge calls for some walls, and I instantly though of this one. Taken in Wentworth Place, an often-overlooked alley hidden deep in San Francisco’s Chinatown. It’s also across the way from the best Gundam model store in the Bay Area…

A Little Lost


A Little Lost

Whenever I want to explore a new area of the city, I walk for a few miles and make some random turns. Getting a little lost sometimes is not necessarily a bad thing; you come to understand a place better when you have to find your way back. It also helps that San Francisco has plenty of landmarks to keep you oriented. In this case, the Transamerica Pyramid.