Weekly Photo Challenge: Spinning Ring In Light And Shadow

This week’s photo challenge calls for something blurry. I recalled something I saw at the Exploratorium on Pi Day: People could take large metal rings and spin them on a curved table. As a result of the altered surface (thus influencing the balance and center of mass), the spinning ring maintained its energy for much longer than it would have on a flat surface. Having a bright light made this physics exhibit a little more stylish. Since this is for a photo challenge, here’s a single shot of the ring in motion:

Spinning Ring In Light And Shadow


Photography 101: Moment, Or: BART Blur


Today’s Photo 101 is all about capturing a moment via movement. Here’s a sight that most Bay Area commuters will find familiar: a BART train pulling into the station. Not pictured: the hundreds of people crammed into the Embarcadero Station platform at rush hour.