Ross Alley, San Francisco

Ross Alley, San Francisco

While the huge festival crowds were clogging up Grant Ave, I took a shortcut through Ross Alley. It’s the oldest alley in San Francisco, and is the location of the famous Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company.

Wentworth Place, San Francisco

Wentworth Place

Whenever I’m in Chinatown, I usually stop by Wentworth Place. It’s nice, secluded from tourists, and has places to sit. The fact that it also hides one of the best Gundam model stores in the Bay Area might also have something to do with it.

Photography 101: Edge – Saint Patrick’s Church, San Francisco

Saint Patrick's Church, San Francisco

Today’s Photo 101 is all about edges, so here’s a shot of the relatively linear architecture of Saint Patrick’s Church in downtown San Francisco. This also doubles as a test run for my first DSLR; hopefully this turned out well…