The Chain Link Golden Gate

The Chain Link Golden Gate

Hey, wait a minute! That’s not the Golden Gate Bridge! It’s the wrong color, it’s too small, and it’s on the wrong side of Coit Tower. What devilry is this? Yeah, this awesome little replica is on display at the Exploratorium.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lombard Street From The Top

Lombard Street From The Top

This week’s challenge is all about reward. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than a great view from a high point. This photo was taken from the top of Lombard Street in San Francisco. Most people focus on the street’s ridiculously curvy design – I’ve taken photos of it before – but people tend to overlook the amazing view it provides. Getting it is a little tricky; you have to stand in the middle of the road and wait for the crowds of tourists to get *just* out of frame. You can see Coit Tower and some of the Bay Bridge from up there.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Gate At The End Of February

The Golden Gate At The End Of February

This week’s photo challenge is all about reward. For me, nothing is more rewarding than taking a journey and finding something amazing at the end. Yesterday, I walked about 11 miles all around San Francisco starting at Market Street and finishing at Crissy Field. While I didn’t know where I’d end up, I enjoyed the sunset near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Bay Bridge


The Bay Bridge

Everyone knows about the Golden Gate, but anyone who’s commuted from the East Bay knows the Bay Bridge is just as important. Fun fact: after its renovations back in September 2013, it now holds the Guinness World Record for the widest bridge ever built.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Most people see the Golden Gate Bridge as a tourist attraction. I see it as a gigantic wonder of the modern world looming in the background of almost every day of my week. I love exploring San Francisco whenever I can, and this bridge serves as a good point of reference if I’m in that part of the city. If you’ve got the time and the weather’s good, try walking – not driving – across it. It’s great exercise, and it’s pretty cheap if you know what public transit to take. Much more satisfying experience all around. This particular experience was captured in late October 2012, at Vista Point on the Marin-end of the bridge.