All Partied Out

All Partied Out

Oh man, Buster looks exactly how I feel after Christmas Day. Happy Holidays, folks.


Is Santa Real? (A Scientific Analysis)

Because science makes Santa even more awesome. It’s Okay To Be Smart breaks it down.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy, Or: Have A Beary Christmas!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy, Or: Have A Beary Christmas!

This Weekly Photo Challenge was hard for me. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’m not exactly the most joyful person ever. But I’m sure seeing a huge teddy bear (seriously, the thing is almost as big as I am!) ought to do the trick for many children.

Embarcadero Hyatt Regency Christmas Redux


Embarcadero Hyatt Regency Christmas Redux

Happy Holidays, folks. Remember that pic I posted of the Embarcadero Hyatt a while back? Here’s the same lobby, but this time it’s covered with even more lights and decorations exclusive to the holiday season. These guys decorate in style.