Weekly Photo Challenge: St. Peter’s Square Panorama

St Peter's Square Panorama

This week’s challenge is all about gatherings, so I thought I’d jump slightly ahead of my travel writing and give you guys the first glimpse my time in Europe. St. Peter’s Square sees thousands of visitors every day. It’s designed for people to gather and feel embraced; the columns look like open arms, beckoning you to come closer. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the intricate architecture and sense of scale. This place is much, much bigger than it looks; it took about a dozen tries to get this panorama to work. Just imagine how many people have been here…

Larger version is viewable here.


Filbert Street From The Top

Filbert Street From The Top

There are a lot of photos online taken at this exact location. It’s at the base of Coit Tower. I’ve passed it a million times, but I didn’t have a decent camera to capture it until now. The building with the spires is Saints Peter and Paul Church.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry, Or: St. Benedict’s Painted Church

St. Benedict's Painted Church

This week’s photo challenge calls for symmetry. I’ve already posted nearly all of my symmetrical photos, so I was at a loss as to which to use. Then I remember this shot I took of the beautiful interior of St. Benedict’s Painted Church in Captain Cook, Hawaii. Large version available here.

Photography 101: Edge – Saint Patrick’s Church, San Francisco

Saint Patrick's Church, San Francisco

Today’s Photo 101 is all about edges, so here’s a shot of the relatively linear architecture of Saint Patrick’s Church in downtown San Francisco. This also doubles as a test run for my first DSLR; hopefully this turned out well…

St. Patrick’s, San Francisco

Saint Patrick's, San Francisco

Originally built in 1851, Saint Patrick’s is one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco’s Financial District. Oddly enough, it’s directly across the street from the Metreon, one of the city’s most modern buildings.