Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds, Or: Peking Bazaar, San Francisco

Peking Bazaar

This week’s challenge calls for the Rule of Thirds, so I thought I’d use a shot of one of Chinatown’s most famous landmarks.


Phelan Building, San Francisco

Phelan Building, San Francisco

The Phelan Building is one of the most iconic buildings in San Francisco. Though the original was heavily damaged in the 1906 earthquake, this version has stood for over a century. Anyone who works or lives near the Financial District (or picking up some See’s Candy) has probably passed by it hundreds of times.

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: The Old Coca Cola Sign


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: The Old Coca Cola Sign

For this week’s Odd Ball Challenge, I went back and look through a few random photos I took during my first time in Chinatown. It didn’t disappoint.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters, Or: Chinese Pacific


Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters, Or: Chinese Pacific

This is just one of many dual-language street signs in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Given how big and historic the neighborhood is, it’d only make sense to have both translations displayed. Funny thing is, you probably wouldn’t notice this sign if you were driving; this part of Pacific Avenue is neatly tucked away between two bigger intersections. Amazing what you can find by exploring on foot…