The MindSponge Kickstarter

Hey, folks. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I love learning about weird facts about all kinds of subjects. So when MindSponge was brought to my attention, it really piqued my interest. Donovan looks into questions that most people don’t think about. I didn’t know why tennis balls are fuzzy until I watched his first video. Or how LEGOs can be applied to advanced mathematics, for that matter. Though the channel doesn’t have many entries at the moment – it was just started a month ago – there are plans to have short fun-fact videos every Friday, and longer videos on Wednesdays. Donovan already has 140 questions in the works, but community feedback would be much appreciated.

Here’s the thing, though. Asking people weird questions might sound easy, but translating it into a web series certainly isn’t. Especially when you’re doing it all on your own. I’m not much of a filmmaker, but I do know that production costs can get ridiculously high. Filming on location, transportation, finding and conducting interviews with experts, hours of editing…there’s a lot that goes into making quality videos. There’s only so much you can do alone before the logistics catch up with you. That’s why Donovan has started the MindSponge Kickstarter. Getting some better equipment and hiring a crew is vital in getting the series further developed. The project will continue either way, but having extra support would be immensely useful for the production. So if you’re interested, give the channel and the Kickstarter a look. You might learn something new.

Stay curious.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community, Or: A Splash At Pier 39


Weekly Photo Challenge: Community, Or: A Splash At Pier 39

If you go to Pier 39, chances are you’ll come across the local sea lion community. They’re either lounging about in the sun or shoving each other around for a coveted above-water resting spot. I caught this fellow enjoying a brief, but well-earned victory. Also, here’s some video footage I took while I was there:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community, Or: Buying Groceries In Morocco


Weekly Photo Challenge: Community, Or: Buying Groceries In Morocco

Another week, another challenge. Want the best fresh food ever? Try the old medina quarter in Tangier, Morocco. It’s one of the oldest cities still active, and for good reason. The community is huge, vibrant, and engaging. These mounds of fruits and vegetables are just a tiny sampling of what you can find.