Soundtrack Saturdays: Katamari Damacy – Katamari On The Rocks


In 2004, a very strange game was released for the PS2. Katamari Damacy had a simple premise: Use a giant sticky ball to roll up literally everything in your path. The more you rolled up, the bigger your ball would become. Lint, paper clips, clothes, people, animals, furniture, walls, cars, trees, buildings, cities, islands, countries, planets, moons, stars, galaxies…everything. The scale just kept growing and growing, and everything you picked up changed the physics of the ball itself. Your efforts were overseen by the oh-so flamboyant King Of All Cosmos.

Yes, it was very strange indeed.

But popular too; this bizarre little game became a sleeper hit and launched one of Namco’s finest franchises. It was greatly helped by its incredible soundtrack, an eclectic mix of J-pop, rock, jazz, and lounge…and that’s not even getting into the plethora of remixes in the sequels. Katamari on the Rocks was its main theme, and its catchy insanity became a cult classic in the video game world.

If you want to get more Katamari (and I highly recommend you do), you can find the rest of the OST here.

Good gaming, good music. Nana-nananana-nana-nanana…