Magnetic Putty 4

In the most recent entry in his series, Ian Parks shows off the power of magnetism in a bizarre, but awesome way. Somehow, old school Silly Putty just doesn’t cut it anymore…

Plasma, The Most Common Phase of Matter in the Universe

SciShow explains an often-overlooked phase of matter.

Rockets Launched Into The Northern Lights in 4K Ultra HD

Ronn Murray shows off some absolutely stunning footage of the Aurora Borealis and rockets fired from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Where Do Birds Go In Winter?

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The Structure Of The Earth

Want to know a little more about what’s beneath your feet? It’s Okay To Be Smart has you covered.

Tattooing Close Up (In Slow Motion)

Anyone squeamish or afraid of needles need not apply. For everyone else, take a look at what Destin at SmarterEveryDay found out. Tattooing is more scientific than you might think!

Why Can’t I Put Metal In The Microwave?

It’s more complicated than you think! SciShow explains how to heat up your food without burning down the kitchen.