San Francisco Exploratorium Pi Progression 2015

I spent Pi Day 2015 at the Exploratorium, which is pretty much the place to celebrate. The Exploratorium is always awesome, but there’s something special about seeing all these people turn out for the occasion. The line to get in was ridiculous (I’m used to just walking inside) but it was far less tedious thanks to the Pi Progression. Each person was given a yardstick with a number; then put in the order of pi’s never-ending digits. It’s impossible to have a full progression – there aren’t enough people on Earth – but these folks made a valiant effort. I wanted take part as well, but they were out of yardsticks by the time I got there. At least I got to record it all. Guess I’ll have to wait for next year…

Happy Pi Day 2015!

Happy Pi Day 2015!

Hey folks. It’s that time of year again! To celebrate one of the greatest mathematical constants in existence, I took this photo and spent the afternoon at San Francisco’s Exploratorium. I wasn’t the only one either…Special note: today was also 3/14/15, which is the most accurate calendar listing of pi digits you’ll ever see. For another 100 years, anyway!

How’d you get your pi on this weekend?

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: In The Shadow Of Newton’s Cradle

In The Shadow Of Newton's Cradle

I took this one a while back during a street fair at the Exploratorium. It’s a reasonably close-up look at a large Newton’s cradle. You know, that little ball/pendulum thingy you sometimes see on office desks? It’s really a demonstration of the conservation of momentum and energy on a smaller, hands-on scale. Physics is cool like that. As for the photo, it doesn’t really fit into any category, so I thought it’d be perfect for this week’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs, Or: The Exploratorium

Exploratorium Sign

This week’s challenge is all about signs, and this 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque monolith outside San Francisco’s Exploratorium instantly comes to mind.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers, Or: Storm In A Bottle

Storm In A Bottle

Nature contained into a miniature wonder. Taken at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.