Weekly Photo Challenge: San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall

This week’s challenge calls for a symbol, and no symbol is more prevalent these days than the rainbow flag. I actually skipped the huge celebration that happened after the historic ruling was announced; huge crowds and parades are definitely not my kind of thing. I waited a week and visited when things quieted down. As for what it means to me, I already wrote about it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular, Or: Fugazi Bank Building

Fugazi Bank Building

This week’s challenge is all about angles, and I was reminded of a photo I took in San Francisco recently. The Fugazi Bank Building is named after Giovanni F. Fugazi, a prominent businessman in the 19th Century. His work helped lay the cornerstone for what the city’s Italian community has become. Though the building’s current ownership might be…questionable, its distinctive design and status as a heritage landmark are anything but.