Weekly Photo Challenge: Goodbye, Gulf of California

Goodbye, Gulf of California

Here’s a shot of the very tip of the Gulf of California (AKA Sea of Cortez), shortly before crossing over Baja and the border back into the United States. It’s always interesting seeing major landmarks from the air. Large version viewable here.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Crossing The Border At 38,000 Feet

Crossing The Border At 38,000 Feet

This week’s challenge calls for halves, and I thought of my most recent flight home from Mexico. At that altitude, the view is divided between the Earth and sky. The plane was far from full, so I had plenty of windows to choose from. This was taken somewhere above the United States and Mexican border in Southern California. Larger versions available here and here.

The Ups And Downs Of Air Turbulence

Please return to your seats and buckle your seatbelts. SciShow explains the science behind one of the most unpleasant aspects of airline travel.

People Are Awesome: Extreme Sports 2014 90 Min. HD


AJ Deeper is back with another extended house mix, this time featuring some awesome extreme sports footage from around the world. Anyone else suddenly feel up for skydiving?

Soundtrack Saturdays: NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams – Bellbridge #2


Hey, folks. Ever have that dream where you’re flying? This song captures that feeling in the best way. It’s actually one of the many remixes of the series’ Dreams Dreams theme, including a slower jazz version. This one only appears for a few minutes at the very end of the game; they were saving the best for last. Unlike its predecessor, NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams quickly fell into obscurity after its release in 2009. The gameplay may not have been amazing, but its soundtrack remains one of the best on the Wii.

Good gaming, good music.