Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2015!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2015!

Some people wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. Others go to parades. I have some homemade cupcakes! How about you?


Happy Pi Day!

So, did anyone else spend part of the day reading up on π and how crazy awesome it is?

*Crickets chirp*

…Heh, yeah. When I learned about π in grade school, I never really appreciated it; I used to believe in that strict English VS Math dichotomy, and definitely enjoyed the former more. But now, it’s actually quite fascinating. It’s an endlessly repeating pattern at the crux of so many analyses and scientific endeavors. I wonder where we’d be if the truly dedicated mathematicians of yesteryear hadn’t sat down and figured this stuff out the hard way. I used to think formulas were hard to understand. Just imagine someone having to calculate π without calculus. Archimedes must have been tearing out his hair trying to make it work! Yet here we are thousands of years’ worth of technology and insight later, and we still don’t know everything about this ever-present phenomenon. But we’ve certainly reaped its benefits; our understanding of physics, engineering, and the Universe itself is owed in part to this little symbol.

Thank you, π.

Close, But No Cigar


Close, But No Cigar

In a desperate attempt to try something new, I decided to check out Oktoberfest By The Bay last year. I figured out exactly where it was, how long it’d take to get there, etc. I don’t drink or party, but I thought experiencing something new would be great regardless. So I strode confidently into Pier 48…

Only to find out I got there five hours too early.

I didn’t stay. My commute home was ridiculously long already, so being out that late wasn’t an option. Instead, I took what pictures I could of the would-be event, then spent most of the afternoon enjoying the scenery nearby. I got a much better understanding of the layout of the area, and discovered a few new places to visit. I can’t say I was ecstatic, but at least it gave me the chance to explore more. Had I been able to stay out longer, I probably would’ve stayed an hour or so to take in the atmosphere and get some great photos. Maybe next year.

Have A Lovely Leaf Week!

Hey, folks. Today’s Daily Prompt is all about festivities. As in, the festivities for your very own, universally-accepted holiday. I’m not much of the personal celebratory type – I haven’t done anything for my birthday in years – so a holiday in my honor would probably be pretty boring. At first, I thought about having it on the autumnal equinox, because…well, autumn is my favorite time of year. But then I realized: it’d be much cooler if it had something to do with my own spiritual tree, like Yggdrasil. A single leaf falls once a year, imbued with  enough magic to power and feed the entire planet for a week. As it hits the ground and its powers dissipates, an unmistakable flash light envelopes the sky, signaling for the festivities to begin. A cheer roars across the planet as mere mortals are swept up in the spectacle.

…Or something. It looks amazing in my imagination.

The main symbol of this week-long festival would be the leaf of a California redwood, as befitting of my homeland. Each individual would be able to craft one – and only one – using whatever materials they can find. Paper mache, platinum, wool, dental floss, whatever you can use creatively. If the family is large, they might have a whole row of them lined up. You could take along as you travel, taking pictures of it in front of exotic or famous locales. If you’re stuck at home, your creations would be posted either on the front door – weather and/or lack of crime permitting – or hanging from your bookshelf. It ties into the other fundamental part of the holiday: reading. Not only do you get the week off to read your favorite book, but you’re actively encouraged to trade books with someone else. You get to read something new, thus growing your tree of knowledge!

If you prefer cooking for the holidays, there would plenty of specialty dishes to make. It’s just got to be either really sweet, or really spicy. Homemade spumoni is the one of the greatest desserts ever, and I’d want festival-goers to trade recipes and invent something tasty and creative. If you can’t find the ingredients, then any form of the classic Cookies & Cream would suffice. Roasted, spicy octopus (seriously, it’s delicious) would be one of the main courses, along with substantial helpings of chicken and salads practically dripping with scotch bonnets and jalepños. Because you’re not a hardcore leaf maker/book exchanger unless you’re burning your tongue at the same time. If you can’t handle the heat, then at least partake in some amazing sourdough bread from the Acme Bread Company.

Oh, and one last thing. At the beginning of the week, each person as of legal age is magically granted a round-trip teleportation to any place of his or her choosing. Anywhere on Earth is up for grabs, no matter how impractical. Imagine spending a week in Lake Tahoe, Machu Picchu, or Tokyo! You’d get to see new places and trade books! However, this impromptu vacation can’t be used as an escape device; as soon as the festival ends, you’re whisked back to where you started. The magic burns out on its own, so you can’t save them up over the years. You’ve got to make the experience count. Also, the accommodations would need to be planned on your own ahead of time. Dress warm!