Daily Prompt: Polymathic Playlist

Hey, folks. Today’s Daily Prompt is all about music. Specifically, the kind of mix tape/playlist you’d make to introduce yourself to someone new. This one took a while to make, mainly because I was raised with a really eclectic music selection. I’ll just let the playlist do the talking. Happy listening! EDIT: For the sake of simplicity, I made a playlist on YouTube.


Soundtrack Saturdays: Super Mario 64 – Devastation’s Doorway Remix

Super Mario 64 was one of the most important games ever made. It embodied what the gaming industry strove for at the time: the transition from 2D levels into 3D, fully-realized worlds. Every 3D game that followed owes something to it. By no means was it perfect; the graphics were decent at best, the camera angles were awkward, and there were several glitches. But in 1996, all anyone cared about was that Mario was in 3D. I can still remember the first time I saw Princess Peach’s castle and being completely swept away at the sheer size and scale of it. It controlled so well; Mario seemed so…lively, as if even the slightest press of a button could make him do something awesome. Though not a hard game, the Bowser-themed boss levels were intimidating to new players. Sole Signal’s remix of the classic stage music captures the feeling and pacing of those moments perfectly.

If you want more Super Mario 64, you can find the OST here. If you want more Sole Signal remixes, you can find his work here.

Good gaming, good music.

Soundtrack Saturdays: Braid – Maenam


In 2009, an indie game called Braid was released on PSN. Back then, indie games didn’t get the same kind of attention as the big, mainstream console releases. But those who played it marveled about its creative design and stunning visuals. The game earned unanimous praise and several awards. Though the plot was about a man saving a princess, the story gradually evolved into something far more tragic and haunting. The game combined classic platforming mechanics with time travel powers; in order to get through obstacles and reach the end of a level, you had to reverse the flow of time itself, causing enemies, objects, and everything else to rewind accordingly. The graphics made the levels resemble massive, living paintings.

Its soundtrack was also praised; in a game where puzzling was required, the low-key, relaxing instrumentals were perfect. It’s also worth noting that, due to the brevity of the adventure – it’s beatable in 45 minutes – the soundtrack playlist is longer than the game itself. In the end, Braid became a modern classic and influenced several games after it.

If you want more Braid, you can find the full OST here.

Good gaming, good music.