Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture, Or: Coral Wall Remnant

Old Fort Remnant

The Old Fort in Lahaina, Maui was built with coral. There’s not much of it left, but the textures are interesting.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic, Or: The Old Boat

Lahaina Relic

On the way to Lahaina Harbor, I came across the Hale Pa‘ahao Prison. While it’s a small museum, it still has some interesting relics to see.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra, Or: Make Peace, Not War


Lahaina Peace Cropped

I found this bit of graffiti in Lahaina Harbor on Maui. I thought it was interesting by itself, but the catamaran sitting in the background gave it something extra.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art, Or: Maui Shell Lamp


Weekly Photo Challenge

There’s tons of awesome art on Maui. Most of it is in high-profile galleries. This one was in a restaurant restroom in Lahaina.