Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture, Or: Coral Wall Remnant

Old Fort Remnant

The Old Fort in Lahaina, Maui was built with coral. There’s not much of it left, but the textures are interesting.

Lahaina Rocks

Lahaina Rocks

No pun intended…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic, Or: The Old Boat

Lahaina Relic

On the way to Lahaina Harbor, I came across the Hale Pa‘ahao Prison. While it’s a small museum, it still has some interesting relics to see.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra, Or: Make Peace, Not War


Lahaina Peace Cropped

I found this bit of graffiti in Lahaina Harbor on Maui. I thought it was interesting by itself, but the catamaran sitting in the background gave it something extra.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art, Or: Maui Shell Lamp


Weekly Photo Challenge

There’s tons of awesome art on Maui. Most of it is in high-profile galleries. This one was in a restaurant restroom in Lahaina.