Kilauea – The Fire Within

When I went to Kilauea back in December, rainy weather prevented me from taking some great photography. Thanks to this video by Page Films, I can finally see what I missed!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room, Or: In The Hana Lava Tube


Weekly Photo Challenge: Room, Or: In The Hana Lava Tube

Because nothing says room quite like a 1,000 year-old quarter-mile underground tube made from lava. This is just one part of a short, but sweet tour. Just as a frame of reference, the tip of that rocky outcropping at the bottom is nearly 5 feet tall.


South Of Kihei


South Of Kihei

There’s a single main highway that leads south of Kihei. The road gradually narrows to a single lane, at which point most people turn back towards civilization. Just a bit further down the road are some awesome beaches, including this ancient lava flow and its tidal pools.

A Volcano, Up Close And Personal


I know this is a bit old, but it’s still awesome. Witness the natural, fiery beauty of Marum, right in the searing heart of its volcanic activity. Apologies in advance for the strong language.