Overnight In LAX

Hey, folks. Yesterday’s Daily Prompt was all about passing time. Specifically, passing time when you’re stuck in an airport for more than six hours, and you’ve got no electronics to fall back on. This exact scenario actually happened to me on the way back from Aruba in 2013. Due to how the connecting flights played out, I was stuck at LAX from midnight to about 8:30 AM. And I’ve posted pictures to prove it. As you can probably imagine, being alone in an airport all night isn’t fun. Actually, it’s kinda creepy. All the stores were locked up, and I was the only human being in that area for quite a while. I’m the type that loves solitude, but I was getting some serious Langoliers vibes after a couple of hours.

I’ve never been the type to depend so much on electronics for boredom. My iPod gets some time, but I tend to leave it off to spare the battery, or if I’m exploring someplace new. Though I work primarily from a laptop, I never take it with me while I travel. I didn’t even get a smart phone until about a month ago, and I’ve made maybe ten calls on it since. When I was in LAX, I still had a flip phone from 2003. I also had my 3DS, but I was saving its remaining power for the rest of the flight home. Instead, I did something far more engrossing: I read. I read for hours. I’m used to doing so on cramped, loud subways and buses, so reading in a silent airport gate was a godsend. A janitor crew came by at some point, but ignored me. I burned through American Gods and most of Norwegian Wood, then eventually fell asleep. You’d be surprised how comfortable those chairs can be. I woke up to the sound of someone opening the security gate at the Starbucks down the hall. Half an hour later, and my once-peaceful world was overrun with weary tourists and screaming kids.

It was good while it lasted.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned, Or: LAX At 3:30 AM


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned, Or: LAX At 3:30 AM

Another week, another challenge. My return from Aruba last year required a few layovers…including a 12-8 AM stint at LAX. After leaving my plane, I did not see another human being – in one of the busiest airports in the world – for nearly three hours. Creepy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning, Or: LAX Deserted?!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning, Or: LAX Deserted?!

On the way back from my last trip, I had an eight hour layover at LAX…in the middle of the night. This is what one of the busiest airports in America looks like at 3:55 AM. Yeah, it was kind of creepy. It was the beginning of a brand new day, yet I was the only one around to enjoy the silence. It took another hour and a half before I saw another human being…opening up the Starbucks. Figures.