Soundtrack Saturdays: Castlevania Symphony of the Night – Crystal Teardrop

Need some music to chill out? Give this gem a listen.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned Michiru Yamane at some point. And with good reason; she’s created some of the best music in the gaming industry. That’s especially true for the soundtrack to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It covers a wide spectrum of musical genres, including classical, rock, and heavy metal. Nothing else in the series has come close since. My personal favorite is this song (the odd jazzy one out on the entire playlist), Crystal Teardrop. It’s one of the few tracks that lets you breathe, only to take it away.

You can find the rest of the OST on YouTube. Or on iTunes.

Good gaming, good music.


Soundtrack Saturdays: Skullgirls – In Just A Moment’s Time


Most people assume video game soundtracks are just bunch of bloops and bleeps. Anyone who’s actually played a game in the last twenty years or so know better. Here’s the ending credits song to Skullgirls, released in 2012. Since it’s an indie game, it’ll be woefully overlooked. It’s worth noting that the most prominent name on its playlist is none other than Michiru Yamane, the mind behind some of the greatest Castlevania tracks ever made. If you like what you hear, I’d strongly suggest checking out the rest of the superb OST on iTunes. Or on YouTube.

Good gaming, good music.