Weekly Photo Challenge: Pier 7 Reflections

Pier 7 Reflections

Here’s one of the last photos I took during the Global Photo Walk in San Francisco. This section of the waterfront is the other half of the view from Pier 7, long after sunset and most of the other photographers had left. Larger version is viewable here.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Under The Wharf

Under The Wharf

I got to Capitola bright and early, and spent a few minutes walking under the wharf. I like how the morning sun cast shadows across the sand; while the structure itself doesn’t move, the patterns it makes change as the day goes on. Larger version is viewable here.

Lap Pool

Lap Pool

Most of the pools at Paradise Village are noisy and crowded in the afternoon. But if you want some peace, quiet, and relief from the searing summer heat, this little lap pool hidden near the hotel’s center is worth checking out.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity, Or: A Moment In The Jungle

A Moment In The Jungle

When visiting a famous landmark like Akaka Falls, it’s easy to overlook the smaller, more peaceful surroundings leading up to it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art, Or: The Labyrinth


Maui’s Sacred Garden has such a huge variety of flowers, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the scents. Take a few steps into the side yard, and you’ll come across this labyrinth by the river. I think this image would do well as a cover for a mystery novel featuring a maze, or perhaps an ancient conspiracy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy, Or: Just Imagine…


I found this tucked away in the Sacred Garden on Maui, Hawaii. Maybe it was the solitude or the overwhelming scent of flowers, but that memory always feels like a dream.

Hiking On Mount Diablo

Hiking On Mount Diablo

Hey, folks. Yesterday’s Daily Prompt was all about the summer solstice. Specifically, what you did with all that extra sunlight during the longest day of the year. I got up bright and early, got dressed, ate, grabbed my old hiking stick, and went to Mount Diablo. Despite its sinister name, the mountain and the surrounding state park is one of the most beautiful natural places in the Bay Area. You can spend hours walking is well-marked trails, enjoying the spectacular views along the way. Going in the summer is kind of ill-advised, though; it’s dry and hot up there at this time of year, and the recent drought has dried up all of the streams. My mother and I used to hike the mountain once or twice a month when I was a child; I like to think my appreciation of nature came from those long treks. This time, however, we couldn’t go so far. We had other errands to run, and Mom’s knees aren’t what they used to be. After three hours, we called it quits and headed back to civilization. At least I got a few great photos while I was there!

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move, Or: Sand And Solitude


Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move, Or: Sand And Solitude

If you’ve seen some of my other photos, you can probably tell I do a lot of walking. However, it’s usually in a city, surrounded by thousands of other people. On one long, sleepy afternoon in Phuket, I went out to a beach in the north. I walked for an hour and a half in that beautiful, isolated splendor before seeing another person. The only trace of human presence was the trail of my footprints stretching back into the horizon. Amazing how quickly things change once tourist season ends…