Weekly Photo Challenge: Ghirardelli Cable Cars

Ghirardelli Cable Cars

This week’s challenge calls for symbols, and here are two of the most prominent ones in San Francisco: Ghirardelli Chocolate and cable cars. Both have a rich and storied history in the city, and are two of the many things people associate with it. I’ll admit that the desserts are delicious, if overpriced due to brand recognition. As for cable cars, well…they’re over-hyped. They’re limited to very specific areas of the city, the tickets are expensive, and the lines are ridiculous. I’ve rode one only once from Aquatic Park to Powell Street, after which I realized it’d be faster for me to walk/hike the route instead of waiting. Once of my great uncles was an architect for Ghirardelli Square, so I find it somewhat interesting. This photo, however, was taken at the mini-store within the depths of the Westfield downtown. Large versions also available here and here.


Maiden Lane, San Francisco

Maiden Lane, San Francisco

While the crowds are bustling up and down Market Street, Maiden Lane is nice and quiet shortcut to Union Square.

Wentworth Place, San Francisco

Wentworth Place

Whenever I’m in Chinatown, I usually stop by Wentworth Place. It’s nice, secluded from tourists, and has places to sit. The fact that it also hides one of the best Gundam model stores in the Bay Area might also have something to do with it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds, Or: Peking Bazaar, San Francisco

Peking Bazaar

This week’s challenge calls for the Rule of Thirds, so I thought I’d use a shot of one of Chinatown’s most famous landmarks.

At Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

Fisherman's Wharf Sign

Due to Fleet Week and the Blue Angels airshow, I spent most of the past Saturday wandering around San Francisco. Like the hundreds of thousands of other tourists, I went to Fisherman’s Wharf for a front row view…though I later retreated back up to an alley near Lombard Street where there were less people. Good times.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs, Or: Haleakala Nene Crossing

Haleakala Nene Crossing

This week’s challenge is all about signs, so I was reminded of something I saw near the peak of Haleakala on Maui. The Nene is the rarest species of goose in the world; it’s exclusive to the Hawaiian islands, and Maui’s population is hidden on the upper slopes of Haleakala. I was lucky enough to see four of those rare birds during my journey. Great trouble has gone to ensure the Nene’s survival, and this crossing sign on the volcano is just one example of it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs, Or: The Exploratorium

Exploratorium Sign

This week’s challenge is all about signs, and this 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque monolith outside San Francisco’s Exploratorium instantly comes to mind.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters, Or: Chinese Pacific


Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters, Or: Chinese Pacific

This is just one of many dual-language street signs in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Given how big and historic the neighborhood is, it’d only make sense to have both translations displayed. Funny thing is, you probably wouldn’t notice this sign if you were driving; this part of Pacific Avenue is neatly tucked away between two bigger intersections. Amazing what you can find by exploring on foot…