Hello Kitty Macarons

Hello Kitty Macarons

I got these from the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck during the 2015 San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival. They were in such high demand, there were at least 300 people in line! I definitely earned my swagging rights on this one.

Bye, Bitter

Hey, folks. Today’s Daily Prompt is all about taste. Specifically, which one you’d willingly give up.

…Wow. That’s actually really hard. That’s like asking which limb you’d willingly have removed. Well, I’d have to narrow it down based on the ones I wouldn’t part with. I was raised mostly on spicy food, and I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy curry, jalepeƱos, garlic, or any of the other stuff I regularly eat. I enjoy fruits and ice cream way too much to ever give up my taste of sweetness. Sour needs to stay, because of the aforementioned fruits and my need for lemons with my seafood. Chicken, beef, and cheese are also part of my diet, so that means umami stays as well. That leaves just salty and bitter tastes.

Hmmm. My knee-jerk reaction is to drop bitterness; I don’t drink coffee or beer, and I dislike that type of chocolate. It’d have the least impact on my grocery list. However, I’m well aware of the problems that come with too much salty foods. There are so many diabetic and blood issues in my family, I’ve gotten used to checking the sodium and calorie contents whenever I go shopping. A brief Google search suggests that bitter foods are generally healthier. You need foods of all tastes in order to have a balanced diet, though. On the other hand, getting rid of a taste doesn’t prevent you from eating its corresponding food; it’s just a matter of which one you’d give up enjoying. In the end, I’d likely ditch bitterness, but I’d never forget to include it in my meals regardless of enjoyment. It’s a small price to pay to continue eating what I truly love.

Anyone else suddenly hungry? I think I’ll chop up some mangoes now…