Weekly Photo Challenge: Santa Cruz From The Sky

Santa Cruz From The Sky

There are few things more inspiring than seeing the Earth from a plane. Here’s a glimpse of the Santa Cruz mountains during my flight back from Mexico. Larger version viewable here.


On The Awini Trail

On The Awini Trail

Taken along the long, muddy Awini Trail near the Pololu Valley Lookout on the Big Island.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular, Or: Kula Garden Trail

Kula Garden Trail

This week’s challenge is all about angles, and this shot from the Kula Botanical Garden instantly came to mind. Located on the lower slopes of Haleakala, the garden boasts a huge assortment of flowers and plants, as well as koi pond that’s just out of frame on the left. Oh, and don’t worry if it’s raining. The place is still gorgeous even during a downpour…

Honolua Trail

Honolua Trail

Taken just a little off the road along Maui’s west coast.