Weekly Photo Challenge: Waterfront Reflections

Waterfront Reflections

Here’s one of the last shots I took during the 2015 500px/Fujifilm Global Photo Walk in San Francisco. Part of the city’s waterfront has a nice, quiet section decorated with benches and hanging flowers, but few tourists notice it. This was taken on Pier 7, and you can see the top of the illuminated Ferry Building on the left. Larger version is viewable here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs, Or: The Exploratorium

Exploratorium Sign

This week’s challenge is all about signs, and this 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque monolith outside San Francisco’s Exploratorium instantly comes to mind.

Pier 7, San Francisco


Pier 7, San Francisco

Most tourists who come to San Francisco make a beeline for Pier 39. However, there are plenty of other piers worth looking at, especially the relatively quiet Pier 7. Less shopping, more fishing. When you turn back from the water, you’re given a direct line to the Transamerica Pyramid.