Goodbye, Rosetta!

Hey, folks. Today’s Daily Prompt is all about languages. Specifically, what you’d do if you could master any language overnight. Assuming that the prompt is limited to a single choice, I’d probably have to go with Mandarin. Judging by how the world economy seems to be going, it’s become extremely important for Western businesses to be able to communicate with Chinese clients. When you’ve got a country that’s quickly gaining ground in terms of technology and influence, there’s a lot of potential opportunities to create and expand upon a profitable business. I’d consider getting into the real estate business, though the market can’t keep its momentum going forever. Getting a handle on a shipping company would offer more stability; a growing country needs its imports, after all. Same goes with computer technology, in terms of both physical hardware and software development…

Wow, I wish I had a less boring answer. How about my own programming language? I could come up with some awesome new coding lingo, which would become the new standard for operating systems the world over. Windows? Meh. Linux? So passé. I’d have every computer of the next generation based upon on my creation. Then everyone – China included – would speak my language. Mwahahaha!


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