Soundtrack Saturdays: World Of Goo – Regurgitation Pumping Station

Back in 2008, the Nintendo Wii was riding high with its mainstream popularity. However, its online library still left much to be desired; there just weren’t enough great games in its Virtual Console catalog to go around. Hardcore gamers were left wondering whether Nintendo would give its fans something worth downloading…

Like World of Goo.

The premise was simple: use a bunch of sticky goo balls to create complex structures, get over obstacles and chasms, and reach the drainage pipe on the other side of the level. The physics involved are still some of the most accurate and demanding in video gaming. It’s regarded as one of the greatest indie titles of the previous generation. The superb soundtrack definitely played a factor; the entire playlist was composed by Kyle Gabler, who also designed, wrote, and illustrated the game.

If you want more gooey greatness, you can find the OST either on YouTube or free-to-download on Mr. Gabler’s site.

Good gaming, good music.


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